Report: Ilhan Omar spotted holding hands with mystery man in California restaurant

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) is reportedly getting divorced from her husband Ahmed Hirsi — and the reason why may have just come to light.

While attending the CAIR conference in Woodland Hills, California back in March, Omar was caught on video leaving an out-of-the-way restaurant in Playa Del Ray with another man.

The Mystery Man

With Omar’s current marital problems being front-page news (for several reasons), everyone wants to know who this mystery man is.

Omar is currently facing accusations that her second husband is actually her brother. Ilhan Omar had first been married to Ahmed Hirsi, who is the father of her children.

They divorced, then — as the conspiracy theory goes — she married her brother, Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, to sidestep U.S. immigration law. This is an allegation that has been made by Judicial Watch as well as several members of Congress, so it has a bit more bite than the usual rumors.

After she divorced Elmi, Omar remarried Hirsi, which only added more fuel to the fire regarding the alleged marriage to her brother.

Now that Omar has left Hirsi again, she has moved into a luxury apartment in Minneapolis, and everyone wants to know the identity of the man with whom she was seen leaving the restaurant.

More Than Friends

While there is no video of the two in the restaurant, there are some still photographs and video of Omar and the man departing the establishment.

The man is clearly protective of Omar, something the individual who took the video (who does not want to be identified) noted.

“He seemed very protective of her; it was not a random person,” he said. “It just felt to me like they were close.”

The witness also stated that while he did not see it himself, a restaurant employee told him they were holding hands during the dinner. The restaurant where they were seen is called Caffé Pinguini and it is located in Playa Del Rey, which is roughly an hour’s drive from where the CAIR conference was being held.

It seems fairly apparent Omar was trying to avoid being seen by anyone, but she obviously failed. Now the question is, who is this mystery man, and is he the reason she is leaving her husband?

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