Rep. Ilhan Omar: US foreign policy needs ‘something equivalent to the Green New Deal’

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has not been shy about voicing her anti-American beliefs since entering Congress. This week she was at it again.

Currently a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Omar revealed that she believes a new approach to foreign policy is needed: one with a globalist mission that comes from the “perspective of a foreigner,” like herself.

Foreign affairs overhaul

On Tuesday, the Star Tribune published an article based on an interview recently conducted with Omar. In it, the freshman congresswoman spoke about what she believes should be the future of America’s foreign policy.

“When I think about foreign policy,” she said, “we need something equivalent to the Green New Deal.”

Of course! What to better model our foreign policy on than a list of impractical and unattainable goals that have no basis in reality.

In the typical fashion of a liberal, Omar went on to talk about the need to get rid of the current approach to foreign policy, despite not really having a satisfactory replacement. “It’s important for me to think about what an overhaul of our foreign policy should look like from the standpoint of really thinking how it impacts those around the world,” she said.

America last

A guiding principle of Omar’s foreign policy, not to mention all of her political viewpoints, is “everyone else before America.”

“We have to recognize that foreign policy IS domestic policy,” she tweeted. “We can’t invest in health care, climate resilience or education if we continue to spend more than half of discretionary spending on endless wars and Pentagon contracts.”

Omar was born in Somalia, which, ravished by war, she left for Kenya where she spent four years in a refugee camp before coming to the United States. With this experience, Omar believes that she brings to the table the “perspective of a foreigner” that is desperately needed.

Global representative in Congress

From blaming America for the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, to calling Americans who don’t agree with her “ignorant,” to claiming that for foreigners living in America, “everyday is an assault,” Omar is proven to be one of the most anti-American politicians in recent memory.

With this week’s statement, Omar cements herself, not as a representative of the American people, but of the non-American globalist population.

It’s time for her to go, Minnesota.

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