As Republicans call for her ouster, Rep. Ilhan Omar enjoys widespread support from Democrats

If Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) were a Republican, Democrats would be outraged that she hasn’t already been fired.

Omar is a Democrat, though, so instead of outrage, Democrats are supporting and even defending the freshman congresswoman, who has been accused repeatedly of making anti-Semitic remarks.

The Double Standard

Democrats have been very vocal about any Republican that has stepped out of line. But when it comes to their own party, they are far more reserved in holding members of Congress accountable.

Since taking office, Rep. Omar has done nothing but bring controversy to her party.

Her anti-Semitic comments prompted an alternative media journalist to look into her past. They discovered that Omar actually had voted against legislation to prevent insurance payouts to possible terrorists carrying out attacks.

More digging showed a trip Rep. Omar had taken with an anti-America group.

The final straw, however, was Omar asking for leniency for ISIS sympathizers.

One of those controversies should have been enough to question her loyalties — but as we all now know, that is not the approach Democrats are taking.

Supporting Omar

While Omar’s anti-Semitic comments drew censure from some Democrats, the blue party also had a myriad of excuses for her.

Some, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, even said the 37-year-old just doesn’t have enough experience yet to know the weight of her words.

Now, more and more veteran members of Congress are actually trying to help Omar stay out of trouble. Even the media is coming to her defense, saying that conservative attacks against her are unwarranted.

To put this into perspective, look how much the media has attacked — and continues to attack — President Trump for every perceived misstep he makes.

Nobody is asking for special treatment here, just fair and balanced coverage. But we’ve come to learn we just can’t expect that from the left nowadays.

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