Ilhan Omar demands Trump resignation after release of GAO report

For someone that is under investigation for multiple criminal allegations, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) is pretty bold in accusing Trump of wrongdoing.

Omar, like most Dems, latched onto the GAO report that accused the Trump administration of breaking several laws and demanded that Trump immediately resign from the White House. 

About That GAO Report…

There has been a lot of noise made in recent days about the Government Accountability Office’s opinion stating that Trump’s White House Office of Management and Budget broke the law by withholding Ukraine’s aid for policy reasons.

It’s important to note that the GAO works for the Democrat-controlled Congress, and even if we are willing to concede their point, are Democrats willing to acknowledge the seven times in which the GAO reported that the Obama administration broke the law?

The most notable of these violations happened in 2014 when the Bergdahl swap took place. By law, the administration was supposed to notify Congress 30 days prior to the swap taking place.

That, however, never happened. This was actually pretty typical of Obama who simply did what he wanted — when he wanted — because he knew the media would protect him from any outrage.

The reason Obama loyalists can claim that the Obama administration never had a whisper of controversy is that the liberal-leaning media wasn’t looking for reasons to smear Obama’s name.

Omar goes on the offensive

Issues with the GAO opinion aside, Omar’s demand is pretty outrageous when you consider the skeletons that are practically falling out of her closet these days.

Recently, investigative journalist David Steinberg reported for The Blaze that multiple federal agencies, including the FBI, appear to be investigating allegations related to Omar’s marital past.

Among the things she is being investigated for are ICE violations and student loan fraud.

Conveniently, these are two areas Omar has been railing about ever since she won her seat in Congress in 2018.

Looks like Omar is no different from the rest of the corrupt representatives in Congress, and she is the last person that should be calling out anyone for allegedly “corrupt” behavior when she is herself the subject of so many investigations.

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