Ilhan Omar quietly deletes 2013 tweet that referenced her father’s name

There have long been rumors and allegations that Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar has been less than truthful about her familial and marital relationships, and those suspicious were only bolstered by Omar’s inexplicable deletion Tuesday morning of a six-year-old tweet wishing a happy Father’s Day to a man named Nur Said.

Omar’s deleted tweet

Many questions have surrounded Omar’s confusing and mysterious marital history¬†since she took office, with some having claimed that she once entered into a sham marriage with her brother in order to defraud the U.S. immigration system.

The possible brother/husband at the heart of that assertion is named Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, and the pair were married in 2009, only to later obtain a legal divorce in 2017.

It would appear that the now-deleted tweet in question from 2013, in which Omar wished a “Happy Father’s Day” to a man named Nur Said Elmi Mohammed, could be the long-sought link finally proving that Omar did, in fact, share the same father as her second husband.

“Sketchily” erasing her past

The Daily Caller reported that Omar’s 2013 tweet first resurfaced Monday evening after it was discovered by a Muslim reformer named Shaikh Tawhidi, known on Twitter as the “Imam of Peace,” who went on to explain how Islamic names in the Middle East and North Africa are composed and suggested that, if the tweet was authentic and legitimate, Omar’s name would actually be “Ilhan Nur Said.”

After the tweet was suddenly deleted Tuesday morning, Daily Caller reporter Luke Rosiak tweeted, “The deletion of the post is as much evidence of fraud as the post itself is. Why would someone delete a post wishing their father a happy fathers day, unless it incriminates her in lying about basic aspects of her life.”

Rosiak, who has been covering Omar’s several controversies for some time, added, “It also reiterates a clear pattern in which Omar sketchily deletes old, incriminating posts when people find them. Remember there is ample proof that she married her brother and Nur Said is their father from Instagram, but the media didnt use them bc they didnt trust screenshots.”

Indeed, The Daily Caller noted that journalists for Powerline, PJ Media, Alpha News, and even some local Minnesota reporters, had obtained a plethora of screenshots and archived links from over the years that purported to show that Omar was actually part of the Nur Said family — suggesting that the congresswoman not only lied about her marriage to her alleged brother but also about her true family lineage as well.

Unsurprising media silence

To be sure, the deleted tweet in and of itself doesn’t necessarily prove that Nur Said is actually Omar’s father or that her second husband, Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, was actually her brother.

However, it certainly raises more questions about her notoriously hazy family and marital history.

Granted, it is unlikely that Omar will answer any questions in that regard, as she has already shown herself to be dismissive of such inquiries.

Further, it is unlikely that any mainstream media outlets will devote any time or resources to tracking down a story that could prove devastating to a heralded rising star of the Democratic Party. Thankfully, though, there are conservative and independent journalists who will continue to dig deeper until the full truth of Omar’s nebulous past is exposed.

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