Rep. Ilhan Omar declines to condemn stoning of gays in Brunei and Hamas rocket attacks on Israel

Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar has, once again, shown that she holds views that do not align with the vast majority of the American people.

Despite being given repeated opportunities to do so, Omar declined to issue any sort of statement of condemnation with regard to two truly terrible stories this week — the stoning to death of homosexuals in the southeast Asian Islamic nation of Brunei, or the violence against Israel from Palestinian terrorists.

Stonings in Brunei, attacks against Israel

The Daily Wire first contacted Omar’s office on Thursday by email and by phone with a request for comment on the two major stories.

She was asked first about reports out of Brunei that the Islamic nation would soon implement the death penalty via stoning for the crime of gay sex, as well as the punishment of amputation for those convicted of theft, both policies being in accordance with strict Islamic Sharia law, and both fully applicable to children convicted of such crimes.

Second, Omar was asked about the recent volleys of rockets fired into Israel by Hamas terrorists in the Palestinian territory of Gaza, rockets that destroyed homes and businesses and also caused injuries, but thankfully no deaths.

Omar was specifically asked if she viewed either of those things to be connected to radical Islam or “abhorrent and inhumane,” a clear reference to a tweet from the freshman congresswoman earlier in the day which used those exact terms to describe the temporary detention facilities some illegal immigrants were being held in on the southern U.S. border.

Omar’s “refusal to condemn”

But Omar’s office declined to respond to multiple requests for comment on those stories. She did, however, find time to tweet later on Thursday in condemnation of supposed “gay conversion therapy,” which she likened to “torture,” but which isn’t really even a thing in reality…though if it were, one would suspect conversion therapy would be preferable to death by stoning.

The Daily Wire contacted Omar’s office again on Friday, by phone and email, with yet another opportunity to respond to the repeated requests for comment.

However, even after being notified that a non-response would be characterized as a “refusal to condemn,” the congresswoman still did not respond to the requests for comment.

Though few have the guts to come right out and say it — save for Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro and a few others — Omar’s repeated use of anti-Semitic tropes, her questioning of the loyalty of Americans who support Israel, and her support of dangerous far-left progressive policies, have earned her the label of being anti-American.

Omar’s “refusal to condemn” terrorist violence against Israel or Islamic sentences of death by stoning for homosexuals — while at the same time issuing strong condemnations of U.S. immigration policy and essentially non-existent “conversion therapy” for gays — are actions that only serve to bolster suspicions that the label of anti-American suits Omar just fine.

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