Dan Crenshaw: Ilhan Omar took a ‘cheap shot’ at Mike Pence

Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar’s recent remarks blaming the devastation in Venezuela on U.S. policies predictably drew sharp criticism, including from Vice President Mike Pence, who said Omar doesn’t know what she’s talking about — a critique that the congresswoman summarily dismissed as being little more than a racist and sexist dismissal of her as a “woman of color.”

But former U.S. Navy SEAL and Republican Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw just fired back at Omar in his uniquely firm yet polite manner, saying her view of Venezuela was not based in reality and characterizing her rebuke of Pence as a “cheap shot.”

Opinions “not based on facts or reality”

The comments from Crenshaw came during an appearance on Fox News’ The Story with host Martha MacCallum to discuss the situation in Venezuela, among other things.

MacCallum first played a clip of Omar’s remarks, followed by a clip of Pence’s response, which was in turn followed by Omar’s tweet accusing Pence of racism.

Omar tweeted on Friday:

Asked for his response to Omar’s initial comments and subsequent claim of victimhood, Crenshaw replied: “Well, her opinion is one that is not based on facts or reality.”

He went on to lament that, with people like Omar, “it’s always America’s fault. And if you disagree with me you’re disagreeing with me because of my identity. That’s basically what she said in that tweet, and that’s really cheap. That’s a cheap shot,” Crenshaw said.

Ruining economies, destroying nations

“I’ve been going to Venezuela a long time. My family actually used to live in Caracas, and I’ve traveled there a number of times,” Crenshaw continued. “I’ve watched these policies ruin the country. It’s not U.S. policy — and notice she didn’t give an example, because she doesn’t have any.”

Crenshaw explained that “what’s actually happened [in Venezuela] is, through price controls and nationalization of private industry, [socialism has] ruined an economy.”

“And we have a hundred years of examples to show for this,” Crenshaw said. “When you put in these kinds of socialist policies, it destroys a country. It happens over and over again, people starve.”

And unfortunately, according to the representative, “that is what’s happening right now. These failed ideas that keep bubbling up, and it’s a real shame to see that we have members of Congress actually defending them.”

Take a look at Crenshaw’s full interview:

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