Ilhan Omar caught playing on phone, laughing during vote on House anti-hate resolution

With all of the negative press Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has gotten lately, you would think she would work hard to ensure all optics were perfect.

That was not the case, though, as Omar was reportedly caught playing on her cell phone and laughing while the House anti-hate resolution spurred by her own behavior was on the floor for a vote.

Bad Optics

Every move Omar makes and every word she says is going to undergo severe scrutiny right now.

As such, you would think party leadership would tell her to make sure she conducted herself appropriately.

That is not what the cameras saw while HR 407-23 was being voted on, however. According to Politico, Omar was “seemingly oblivious to the remarkable rebuke being leveled at her.”

The resolution in question was introduced after Omar made some disparaging comments about the support the United States gives its ally Israel.

After implying the relationship is about nothing more than money, the Jewish community was outraged, which included Jewish members of the House and Senate.

When discussing the issue with these members, several noted Omar did not seem repentant at all.

Omar’s conduct during this vote offers more evidence she simply does not think she did anything wrong.

The New Democrat

Omar is one of two Muslim congresswomen in office right now, with both being the first American-Muslims to win a congressional seat.

Both Omar and Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) represent the new faction of progressive Democrats in office today. They are outspoken, do not follow leadership, and embrace far-left policies.

Proof of that is Tlaib telling the media she will continue to press forward with impeachment even though Speaker Nancy Pelosi has stated she does not support impeaching the president.

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