Rep. Ilhan Omar again calls for the abolition of ‘militarized, brutal’ ICE

A recurring theme among the open borders, pro-illegal immigration left is a demand that the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency be abolished.

Democrat Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar is one of those who has called for ICE to be abolished in the past, and she just made that absurd and consequential demand once more.

Internal memo cited

Omar’s latest call for the abolition of ICE came in response to a thread of tweets from a “reporter” for a leftist progressive activist group that masquerades as a media outlet, The Young Turks.

So-called journalist Ken Klippenstein obtained an internal memo sent to ICE Acting Director Matthew Albence, which suggested that the agency’s health services department was “severely dysfunctional” and that instances of death or injury to detained illegal aliens may have been otherwise preventable.

He proceeded to highlight several examples of the alleged dysfunction in ICE that may have resulted in harm or death for some detainees.

Omar: ICE “unaccountable”

Linking to that thread of tweets from Klippenstein, Omar excoriated the agency tasked with enforcing the nation’s customs and immigration laws, and again called for the agency to be abolished.

The congresswoman tweeted, “ICE is an organization that has become increasingly militarized, brutal, and unaccountable; it must be abolished.”

Let’s look a bit more closely at that tweet. ICE is “militarized” no more so than any other law enforcement agency, which is a result of having to face well-armed criminal cartels and gangs in the course of its duties.

As to being “brutal,” the open borders left hold that any sort of enforcement of immigration laws is “brutal,” so that criticism carries little weight. With regard to being unaccountable, it is the job of Congress to provide adequate oversight of the agency, so it is incumbent upon her to bring any concerns to the members and committees specifically charged with that task.

The truth of the matter is, ICE isn’t really any of the things Omar has accused it of being, and she only wants the agency abolished because it stands in the way of her leftist goals of eliminating borders and eradicating immigration enforcement for all who enter the country, whether legally or otherwise.

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