Rep. Ilhan Omar criticized for anti-Semitic tweets within her own party

After being thrown into the spotlight over a tweet that was widely denounced as anti-Semitic, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) says she has learned from her mistake. But in private, at least one member of her own party caught a whiff of arrogance about her apology.

Senator Ron Lantz, a fellow Democrat, stated private talks with her “indicated more of an attitude than mistakes.”

Not Learning

After Omar’s tweets went viral, there were significant calls for Nancy Pelosi to put pressure on Omar to resign her seat.

Omar, however, made it quite clear she was not going to do that. After President Trump said he thought she should resign, Omar lashed out, stating she had learned from her words, something Trump had not.

She even went so far as to say Trump has exploited hate his entire life.

Senator Lantz, however, did not agree that Omar had learned anything from her discussions with members of the Jewish community.

Lantz called her attitude “troubling,” and said Omar “doesn’t seem to be learning” from the discussions she has had with leadership among the Jewish community.

Suddenly Forgiving

Those that were not criticizing her were making excuses for her behavior.

While every liberal on the planet criticized Trump from his very first day in office, most of those backing up Omar attributed her mistakes to her inexperience as a politician.

We saw phrases like “rookie mistake” and “learning curve” being used to describe her actions.

Ironically, one supporter of Omar’s, Isaiah Breen, stated the very people criticizing Omar, including Trump, “have endured the scrutiny that Ilhan faces.”


Every word and gesture Trump makes is put under a microscope in an effort to portray him as a racist.

We have to give props to Lantz for actually telling the truth, compared to the rest of his fellow Democrats and liberals that continue to prove the Democrat party is the party of hypocrisy and hate.

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