Rep. Ilhan Omar admits she ‘flubbed some facts’ in recent speech

Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar, a rising star in the Democratic Party who came to the U.S. as a refugee from Somalia, has become well-known over the last several months for being incredibly ungrateful toward the United States — and exceptionally dishonest about key elements of her own background.

But while most liberals have given the freshman congresswoman a pass with regard to her dishonesty, Omar recently maligned the truth so badly in an attempt to discredit the country that even a couple of reporters for The Washington Post felt compelled to call her out and expose her thin regard for the truth.

Tall tales from Omar

The Post recently published an in-depth look into what they called Omar’s “complicated…American story,” beginning with a recap of a recent speech she delivered to hundreds of high school students in which she played fast and loose with the facts in order to make her point that America is a terrible place.

The point of Omar’s anecdotal story to the high school students was to provide an example of “American racism, cruelty and injustice.” The Post reports that the freshman congresswoman outlined the story of an elderly woman arrested for shoplifting in Minneapolis when Omar was serving as an aide to a city council member.

Omar said she’d been sent to the local courts to make observations and had encountered “a ‘sweet, old…African-American lady’ who had been arrested for stealing a $2 loaf of bread to feed her ‘starving 5-year-old granddaughter,'” the Post reported.

The congresswoman explained that the elderly woman had spent the weekend in jail and then been fined $80 for the theft — a penalty that prompted Omar to disrupt the court, shouting, “Bull***t!”

“I couldn’t control my emotions,” Omar told the students, “because I couldn’t understand how a roomful of educated adults could do something so unjust.”

Called out

That story does indeed sound sad at first pass — but even the authors of the WaPo piece, Greg Jaffe and Souad Mekhennet, felt the need to call B.S. after doing some fact-checking.

“Omar’s story echoed the plot of Les Miserables. If true, it is also probably embellished,” they wrote. “City officials said that police aren’t allowed to arrest people for shoplifting unless there’s a likelihood of violence or further crime. Typically, shoplifters are sentenced to attend a three-hour class.”

When confronted by the authors about the discrepancy in her account, Omar admitted that she “may have flubbed some facts.”

“She might have had a prior [arrest],” Omar said of the old woman. “I’m not sure… The details might not have all matched, but that’s what I remember.”

In other words, Omar lied, either by embellishment or by omission of critical contextual facts, in order to try and make her point that America — the country that graciously accepted her as a refugee and provided the opportunities for her to reach the height of the U.S. Congress — is a horrible, no-good, terribly racist and unjust nation. And if Ilhan Omar will lie about something as relatively trivial as a woman being arrested for shoplifting to denigrate this country, what else might she have lied about for the same purpose?

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