US Olympic swimmer won’t get vaccinated for COVID before Tokyo

One U.S. Olympian is saying no to the coronavirus vaccine.

Breitbart reports that U.S. Olympic swimmer Michael Andrew has announced that he will not be getting vaccinated against the coronavirus for the Tokyo Olympics. 

Too risky

Last week, Andrew participated in an interview with an ABC affiliate in Indianapolis, where he explained why it is that he will not be getting vaccinated.

“My reason behind it is I, for one, it was kind of a last moment,” Andrew said. “I didn’t want to put anything in my body that I didn’t know how I would potentially react to.”

He continued: “As an athlete on the elite level, everything we do is very calculated. For me in the training cycle, especially leading up to trials, I didn’t want to risk any days out because we do know that there are periods where getting the vaccine, you have to deal with some days off.”

Andrew went on to add that he feels “very safe and protected,” despite not being vaccinated, given the coronavirus protocols that he and his fellow Olympic athletes have been following.

“But as far as that goes, U.S.A. Swimming and all of us here have been through a very strict protocol with lots of testing, masks, socially distant, obviously staying away from the crowds, everything like that,” Andrew said. “And going into Tokyo, the same thing, with testing every day.”

“So we feel very safe and protected, knowing that we’re minimizing risk as much as possible,” Andrew concluded.


For many, it may be surprising to learn that the International Olympic Committee has not mandated coronavirus vaccines for the athletes who will be participating in the Tokyo Olympics. So, Andrew’s decision not to get vaccinated is an acceptable one.

Andrew will not be the only Olympic athlete not to get vaccinated, although he will be in a very small minority. According to reports, it has been estimated that over 80 percent of the athletes who will participate in the Tokyo Olympics will have been vaccinated against the coronavirus.

It is unclear whether Andrew is against getting vaccinated in general or whether he is only against getting vaccinated at the moment, given that he is about to compete on the Olympic stage.

Whatever the case may be, his reasoning resonates with many. Just like Andrew, there are many who don’t want to put anything in their bodies that they don’t know how they would potentially react to.

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