Oldest person in the U.S. has died at age 114

A woman that has been on this earth longer than anyone else alive recently passed away.

According to a local funeral home, Delphine Gibson passed away on Wednesday at the age of 114.

Long Life

Born in 1903, Ms. Gibson has lived a long, happy life.

Her early years were spent in South Carolina, but she would later move to North Carolina to work on a farm.

Gibson then moved to Pennsylvania in the 1930s, where she and her husband reportedly worked at the brickyards.

Her husband, Taylor Gibson, passed in 1980, but Delphine remained in Pennsylvania.

In 2004, she moved into a nursing home… at the age of 100!

When once asked what her secret to living so long was, she gave credit to her church, God, and good food.

In the News

Ms. Gibson was no stranger to headlines, as her birthdays were often celebrated not only in the news, but often with local politicians.

When she turned 113, Teresa Osborne, Secretary of the PA Department of Aging stopped by to see her.

Osborne even brought birthday wishes from the governor, Tom Wolf.

Sec. Osborne stated, “On behalf of Governor Wolf, it is an honor to meet Delphine in person.”

“Her story is truly inspiring, and her capacity to live and age well reflects the Wolf Administration’s commitment to providing older Pennsylvanians with the services, supports, and protections they need to age with dignity and respect,” Osborne added.

When Delphine turned 114 this year, Osborne was there to see her again.

This time, Osborne presented her with a special plaque from the Department of Aging.

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With Delphine’s passing, Lessie Brown, 113-years-old, is now the oldest living American.

Brown was born in Georgia on September 22, 1904, and currently resides in Ohio.

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