Police say former Oklahoma state senator died by suicide

The police have finally come up with a conclusion about the suspicious death of former Oklahoma Republican state senator Jonathan Nichols.

On Thursday, the Norman Oklahoma Police Department formally ruled that Nichols’ death was suicide.

Questionable Ruling

The ruling of a suicide is probably not going to sit very well with a lot of people.

Nichols’ body was found by police on June 5 after reports of gunshots at his home.

When police arrived, they reportedly saw Nichols’ body and a gun on the table in the room.

His death was reported only days after another former GOP lawmaker was found. This had the conspiracy theorists running wild that some plot was afoot against Republicans.

Nichols’ Record

Nichols’ career was not without incident, so there is definitely some legitimate concern about the cause of his death.

For instance, Nichols was known for work on gang-related cases. Did he possibly have an enemy from that time of his career that engaged in revenge?

Nichols was also involved in a public dustup with Charles Douglas. Nichols reportedly took a swing at Douglas during court proceedings.

He also worked for the University of Oklahoma but was dismissed when a new regime took over the school.

In addition to his family and friends, the local community was thoroughly shaken by both the death and the ruling of suicide in this case.

While the police have ruled in this case, the speculation will surely go on for some time that his death was far more complicated than suicide.

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