Oklahoma gun owner shoots, kills home intruder

An Oklahoma man stood his ground and protected his home — again.

For the second time, Charles Sweeney shot an intruder breaking into his home.

This time, though, Sweeney killed the intruder.

History Repeating Itself

Mr. Sweeney first experienced the terror of a home invasion back in 2013.

Luckily, he was armed and ready.

Sweeney was able to shoot the man before he could do any harm.

In that instance, the intruder survived the shooting.

Unfortunately, the Oklahoma man found himself in a very similar situation on Tuesday.

This time, though, the home invader was not so lucky.

When the man broke into Sweeney’s home, he pulled out his 9mm and shot the man dead.

No Regrets

After apparently hearing the noise, Sweeney readied himself.

“It was only about another three or four seconds and he comes into view and blam,” Sweeney said before describing how loud the gun was inside his home.

Those sentiments may not sit well with liberals, but the fact is the dead man put himself in that position by trying to break into Sweeney’s home.

Additionally, Sweeney was well within his rights to shoot the man.

Oklahoma is one of 25 states that currently have “Stand Your Ground” legislation in place.

Under said legislation, the homeowner is not legally required to retreat from an attacker and is permitted to use deadly force to defend him or herself.

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Because of laws like those, Sweeney was able to defend his home and his family without worry.

He did the right thing here. Good on him.

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