Oklahoma governor signs bill to name highway after Trump

It’s official: a highway in Oklahoma will be named for Donald Trump.

According to the Daily Caller, Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt (R) signed on Friday a bill first passed by Republicans in the state legislature in April to name a section of Highway 287 in the state after the former president.

The bill reads in part: “Section of State Highway 287 beginning at the municipal limits of Boise City extending southeast to the Oklahoma-Texas border in Cimarron County shall be designated as the ‘President Donald J. Trump Highway.'”

The portion of the roadway that will be named for Trump is about 20 miles long, according to The Oklahoman.

Democrats object

Stitt’s signature on the bill marks a win for Republicans, who have been trying to make a similar move to honor Trump since 2019. At that time, state Republicans had tried to get a section of Route 66 named in honor of the then-president, but failed.

Republicans pushed the latest measure through the state House by a margin of 78–18, with no Democrats voting in favor, according to the Washington Examiner.

But that wasn’t the end of the battle. State Democrats, led by Senate Minority leader Kay Floyd, moved to invoke a provision of Oklahoma law requiring a person to have been deceased for at least three years before a highway or bridge can be named in their honor.

The only exceptions, according to The Oklahoman, were made for Medal of Honor recipients.

Republicans fight back

As the Daily Caller noted, Republicans eventually prevailed — and state Sen. Forrest Bennett (R) perhaps explained their strategy best.

“[The] statute dictated that a person must’ve passed away before a road is named for them,” Bennett tweeted. “So what did we do? We just repealed that statute! Amazing what this body can accomplish when we really want something.”

According to The Oklahoman, the law will take effect on Nov. 1. Much to Democrats’ dismay, “President Donald J. Trump Highway” will soon be printed on a road sign — and in a win for taxpayers, it won’t be on their dime.

The Oklahoman notes: “Republican legislators who supported the proposal plan to pay for the signage.”

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