Report: Ohio State assistance coach photographed his private parts in the White House

The coaching scandal at Ohio State has just been linked to rather some disturbing allegations at the White House.

After winning the National Championship in 2014, one of the coaches on the Ohio State staff reportedly took “risqué” pictures of himself in a White House bathroom.

Disturbing Allegations

The pictures surfaced as part of the investigation into Coach Urban Meyer and one of the members of his coaching staff at Ohio State.

Zach Smith, who is a former assistant coach, has been accused of domestic abuse by his wife.

According to his wife, she reported the problem to Coach Meyer, who basically ignored her.

During the investigation, Smith’s wife cited several situations to describe the problems she was having with her husband.

In her testimony, she stated that Smith had taken nude pictures of his genitals while the team was at the White House.

She further stated the picture was date and time-stamped to coincide with the team’s visit to the White House with then-President Barack Obama.

For further evidence, she noted the presence of an official White House towel in the photo.

Media Ignoring Story

While the story is getting some attention, albeit mostly in secondary publications, the mainstream media has all but ignored the scandal.

The only major news outlets to cover the story were USA Today and Fox News.

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Can you imagine the outrage by the media if this had happened while Trump was in office?

This is proof that the media goes out of its way to protect Obama yet persecutes Trump at every opportunity.

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