Ohio shooter reportedly supported Elizabeth Warren, self-identified as ‘leftist’

Democrats are doing their best to blame their opponents for the horrific violence of the last week.

However, you can’t run from reality. The revelation that the Dayton shooter was a socialist who supported Elizabeth Warren for president has sent Dems into a panic. 

Social media profile

The insights into the politics of the shooter come from his social media. He identified his preferred pronouns as he/him. The 24-year-old also prominently displayed on his twitter that he was a “leftist.”

Connor Betts described himself as a pro-Satan leftist who hates Joe Biden’s generation, President Trump, and law enforcement.

Twitter has since suspended his account, but not before many of his tweets were recorded. Betts said in a tweet: “I want socialism, and I’ll not wait for the idiots to finally come round to understanding.”

It cannot be denied that he had a leftist worldview and goal. Other tweets made this clear: “Vote blue for [G]od’s sake,” “F*** John McCain.”

This contrasts heavily to the white supremacist shooter in El Paso, Texas, proving that senseless violence is not a partisan issue.

Culture needs reform

As much as Democrats have attempted to pin the blame on Donald Trump, he isn’t responsible for the El Paso shooter. Conversely, Elizabeth Warren is also not responsible for the Dayton shooter.

Guns also cannot be blamed for the recent rise in mass shootings. We have always had guns. In fact, the further you go back in American history, the more guns the American people have typically had.

We live in a culture that encourages angry, emotionally immature people to act out. Kids grow up in a public school system where they are at best ignored, and at worst, drugged and mercilessly bullied.

Nihilism runs rampant and our children are taught that life is meaningless. Mental health resources are few and far between.

Until we change our culture, violence will only grow worse. As political division intensifies, mass shootings will just be another outlet for misdirected anger.

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