Officials Worry About How They Will Protect Donald Trump during His North Korea Meeting

Trump’s announcement earlier this year about a meeting with North Korea’s Kim Jong-un caused a stir for many reasons, security being one of them.

As this meeting comes closer and closer to becoming a reality, security experts are starting to worry about how difficult it will be to keep Trump safe during the proposed meeting.

Just Look at Kim’s Past

These concerns are very much warranted, especially when you look at alleged attacks by Kim in the past.

Remember the headlines linking Kim to the murder of his very own brother?

That attack happened when a woman was procured to splash a VX nerve agent in his face while he was walking through the airport.

Security Concerns

Trump’s security team is going to face numerous challenges during this meeting.

First and foremost, with Kim’s history, will Trump’s team be allowed to search Kim before he sits down face-to-face with Trump?

The location of the meeting is yet another concern.

Will Trump’s team be able to properly protect the President during his travel to and from the location as well as when he is at the physical location?

Secret Service Precautions Expected

The Secret Service is very much aware of these dangers and many experts believe they would require certain security measures to be in place before they would ever let Trump move forward with the meeting.

Journalist Ronald Kesller, an expert on the Secret Service, stated, “No question the Secret Service will require that Kim submit to a search and screening for chemical, biological, or radiological weapons.”

Some may say this is unprecedented in a meeting among world leaders, but nobody would put it past Kim to secure a body double to do his dirty work for him.

Having said that, if Kim agrees to a search, Trump would have to expect the same treatment.

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A former Secret Service agent stated, “…the way these things work is usually quid pro quo.”

This will be a historical meeting for Trump and if he is able to denuclearize the Korean peninsula as a result, the risk will be well worth it.

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