‘Nothing has changed’: Official says Trump remains set on keeping foreign policy promises

Donald Trump has reportedly made some personnel changes at the Pentagon to ensure his foreign policy goals are reached and his promise to bring the troops home is kept before his tenure as president comes to an end.

As the president continues to fight back against the mainstream media’s declaration of Joe Biden as the winner of the White House race, a senior White House official opened up to the Washington Examiner about recent shake-up by the commander-in-chief, which the official said is not the result of “some sort of ulterior agenda.”

“There is no new mission directive — nothing has changed,” the unnamed official told the Examiner. “He wants to bring the troops home. He wants to end the wars.”

They’re goals that the president wants to ensure America keeps working toward even after he leaves the White House — even if that day comes sooner than he hoped.

No new mission

Of course, Trump has already made huge strides in the area of foreign policy, and has accomplished feats many never thought possible. Democrats and anti-Trump Republicans have long suggested that ending the endless wars in the Middle East and bringing our soldiers home was an impossible feat.

But not for the 45th president. President Trump’s new team in the Pentagon is working on bringing more troops home, the Washington Examiner reports, despite the best efforts of the military-industrial complex and the political establishment.

In fact, Trump has been so committed to bringing troops home that officials in the Department of Defense have reportedly admitted to lying to the president in the past about troop numbers to keep him satisfied.

It’s safe to say that with Joe Biden in the White House, things would be very different — and not for the better.

A lasting legacy

No matter the future, however, there is no doubt that the last four years have been successful ones for Trump. The president’s work to bring about peace has even gotten him nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, as The Hill reported.

Not only has President Trump now made important moves at the Pentagon to ensure that his America-first vision for the country will continue without him, but the deals he helped orchestrate around the world during his tenure will also remain no matter who is president.

President Trump managed to bring nations to the negotiating table that hadn’t talked about peace in years, and he oversaw meaningful and historic agreements between Israel and Bahrain, Sudan, and the United Arab Emirates.

Try as he might, even Joe Biden can’t undo a legacy like that.

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