Official earns $289,000 a year, but can't seem to pay water bill

 December 10, 2023

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

The Illinois Policy Institute is reporting that Stacey Davis Gates, the chief of the Chicago Teachers Union, has been unable to pay utility bills that now have accumulated to $5,579, even though she controls a salary of $289,000.

And a report at the Gateway Pundit noted the institute found: "In July 2022, the Chicago City Council passed an ordinance prohibiting water shut-off for non-payment. It followed a 2019 moratorium on residential shut-offs implemented by former Mayor Lori Lightfoot to 'protect Chicago residents’ fundamental right to water access.' It raises the question of whether Davis Gates – whose own income tops $289,000 a year – is using an ordinance intended to benefit lower-income residents for her own personal record-high gain."

The institute noted, "It underscores CTU members' concerns about Davis Gates and other union leaders' failure to properly handle union funds or provide required reporting to members. In fact, when a member questioned why the union has failed to provide its audits to members for at least four years, Davis Gates attacked the member in the comment section, claiming that asking for an audit mandated by CTU rules is a racist 'dog whistle.'"

The Gateway Pundit poked fun at Davis Gates for her "latest installment of 'Rules for thee but not for me.'"

The Pundit report said, "According to a Chicago Sun-Times analysis, Davis Gates’ debt is part of over $6.4 billion in unpaid fees, fines, and other debts left uncollected since 1990. City Comptroller Chasse Rehwinkel told the Sun-Times that collection efforts are focusing on debt less than five years old owed by those with the means but who are skirting responsibility."

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