Ohio Democrat attacks Barron Trump with Special Olympics-themed ‘joke’

Despite having just turned 13-years-old, the president’s youngest son Barron has routinely been the subject of mean-spirited insults from the left over the past two years, including from some individuals who should know better — and he was just attacked again in a rude social media post written by an Ohio Democrat.

“Trump kills funds for Special Olympics. Baron may need it some day,” wrote Ellen Connally in a Facebook post, as screenshot by RedState.

Bullied again

Connally appears to be a prominent member of the local Democratic Party in Ohio. She previously served as president of the Cuyahoga County Council and as a Cleveland Municipal Court Judge.

RedState noted that the post was later deleted, though not before it had prompted other individuals who should know better from chiming in as well, or before screenshots of their disturbing commentary were captured for posterity.

Jocelyn Conwell, an attorney who also identified herself as an Ohio judge, commented on Connally’s post that she’d heard Trump’s son “does have special needs,” something she claimed to have learned from a “reliable source,” RedState reported.

That judge, who according to her Facebook profile had previously served as a Cuyahoga County prosecutor and civil service commissioner of South Euclid, Ohio, couched her estimation of Barron being a special needs kid on the fact that he is rarely seen or heard from … ignoring the fact that he is 13-year-old child.

Special Olympics uproar

The attack appeared to be in response to reports that Trump’s Education Department Secretary Betsy DeVos, as part of a broad effort to cut back the department’s budget, would be cutting millions in federal funds that helped supplement private philanthropic funding for the Special Olympics, which, by the way, is not part of the federal government.

That proposed cut has since been rescinded following an intense backlash. “The Special Olympics will be funded. I just told my people I want to fund the Special Olympics,” Trump said Thursday. “I have overridden my people. We’re funding the Special Olympics.”

Leave the kids alone

It used to a broadly understood, if unwritten, rule that the young children of high-profile politicians were generally considered to be off-limits to the partisan daggers thrown at their parents, but that rule, like so many others, has been cast aside in the Trump era.

Former White House child Chelsea Clinton has spoken out on Barron’s behalf in several previous instances when he was targeted for harassment by journalists and social media users.

“Please leave Barron Trump out of “jokes” & analyses. He’s a kid and private citizen and deserves to be left alone. Thank you,” she tweeted in reply to a rude tweet from New York magazine writer Jonathan Chait.

She and the daughters of former President George W. Bush did the same on the rare occasions that online bullies went after former President Barack Obama’s daughters.

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