Rosie O’Donnell opens up about ‘painful’ feud with Whoopi Goldberg

Rosie O’Donnell just confirmed rumors about her feud with former The View co-host Whoopi Goldberg.

The anti-Trump comedian complained to Andy Cohen on his SiriusXM radio show, Radio Andy, that Goldberg didn’t like her, The Daily Mail reports. O’Donnell went on to accuse the EGOT champion of not caring about the show.

“There’s a fair characterization to say that before I went on the show, she was not that interested in The View,” O’Donnell told Cohen. “She wouldn’t talk when there were other guests; she would just sit there.”

O’Donnell revisits old feud

O’Donnell doesn’t seem to be in the news much these days unless she’s hashing out some outdated feud with an old nemesis. Being a miserable and unlikable has-been, O’Donnell has no shortage of enemies, but it looks like O’Donnell isn’t just focused on bashing Trump.

O’Donnell told Cohen that she was “surprised” at how much Goldberg “didn’t like her” when Rosie briefly returned to the show in 2014 and 2015. O’Donnell was previously on The View in 2007 and left after one rocky season.

“I have known her for many, many years and always looked up to her. So, I was very surprised at what went down,” she said. “It was really painful to me to feel how much she didn’t like me.”

O’Donnell recalled one time when she cut off Goldberg to go to a commercial break, and Goldberg “was not having it.”

“Like, one of the first days, the camera guys were going, ‘Cut, cut, go to commercial,’ and she was still talking. And then there was, like, a little brief period where she took a breath or something and I said, ‘Listen, we’ll get to that right after this Whoop, we’ll be right back,’ and she was not having it,” O’Donnell recalled.

She went on: “And it was not at all meant as an insult or to take something from her. We’re on a team! Who cares who gets to say, ‘We’re going to break,’ right?”

Regrets interview

Rosie allegedly left the show because of her feud with Goldberg, which was revived by a tell-all book, Ladies Who Punch: The Explosive Inside Story of the View by Ramin Setoodeh. For her part, O’Donnell has said that she regrets interviewing for the book.

“It was literally, Andy, 15 minutes in a restaurant by my house with Cindy Berger, who is a friend of [author Ramin Setoodeh],” she said. “So, she said, ‘Please do it.’ She begged me to do. I go, ‘I’ll do 15 minutes.’ But yeah, I shouldn’t have done it at all. I didn’t wanna do it.”

But Goldberg seems to be taking it in stride. The actress responded, “That’s okay” when Cohen asked her in May what she thought about O’Donnell telling Setoodeh that working with her was “the worst experience I’ve ever had on television.”

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