Report: Rosie O’Donnell broke federal election laws

Anti-Trump Rosie O’Donnell made a huge mistake during election season and now she may have to pay dearly for it.

According to reports, O’Donnell regularly made donations exceeding campaign limits during election periods.

‘Nothing Nefarious’

O’Donnell, like all liberals these days, is claiming that she did nothing wrong.

“Nothing Nefarious. I was not choosing to over donate,” O’Donnell stated.

She added, “If 2700 is the cutoff – [candidates] should refund the money. I don’t look to see who I can donate most to … I just donate assuming they do not accept what is over the limit.”

So, basically, she is saying she is not responsible for her own behavior.

This is the same woman that has shredded Trump time and again in the media without a single ounce of evidence of wrongdoing.

Sloppy Accounting

Either O’Donnell is a complete financial idiot, or she does not care about the law.

This is not something she has just once and can possibly explain, but rather something she does on an ongoing basis.

Senator Doug Jones received $4,700.

Rep. Conor Lamb received $3,600.

Rep. Adam Schiff received $2,950.

Lauren Underwood received $4,200.

Omar Vaid received $3,450.

In most cases, these candidates have done nothing about the extra funding.

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However, now that it is making headlines, some have said they will offer O’Donnell a refund or ask her is she would like to use the money for an upcoming election.

While she should be brought up on charges, O’Donnell and her Democrat counterparts will more than likely get away it… again.

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