Odessa-Midland gunman shot and killed by police in shootout

The state of Texas is once again in a state of mourning after a brutal gun attack that took place over two cities on Saturday afternoon.

After being pulled over by local police officers for a traffic stop in Odessa, the driver shot at police officers, then went on a rampage, leaving at least seven people dead and almost two dozen injured, according to ABC News.

Not ‘Just’ a Traffic Stop

There is no way the officer pulling over this man could have known the traffic stop would result in a deadly rampage.

After the car was stopped, the man suddenly started shooting at the officer. He then sped away from the scene, randomly shooting at other vehicles and pedestrians.

Eventually, he ditched his car and stole a postal vehicle to continue his rampage. He left Odessa and drove towards Midland. Police finally caught up with the shooter at a parking lot near a local movie theater, where the shooter was killed in a massive shootout with police.

When the incident was over, almost two dozen people had been wounded, including several police officers and a toddler who had been shot in the face. Seven of the victims have already been pronounced dead, including a local student.

Democratic Outrage

For Texas, the timing of new guns laws could not have been worse. Effective Sept. 1, citizens in Texas with conceal carry licenses are now allowed to carry in places of worship and other areas previously restricted. Additionally, tenants who are gun owners are no longer able to be denied by landlords because they are gun owners.

The laws were put in place to allow Texans to protect themselves better, but the media and Democrats are characterizing the new laws as a “loosening” of gun laws in the state.

Democrat presidential candidates, as well as high-profile members of the party, could not wait to get their hands on their phones to start tweeting after the shooting rampage.

As usual, they are using the tragedy to push more gun control legislation, which they believe will somehow magically end gun violence in this country.

For some reason, they never want to look at the actual shooter to see what is driving these people to act in this manner to take the lives of innocent people.

What will Democrats do when they get their gun laws and this violence continues? When will they realize you actually need someone to pull the trigger for a gun to work?

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