Oddsmakers favor Harris over Biden in 2024 election

Oddsmakers have chosen Vice President Kamala Harris as the favored candidate over President Joe Biden in the 2024 presidential election, Breitbart reported.

Even though Biden is in his first term and Harris is serving as vice president, oddsmakers believe that she is the better candidate for Democrats in 2024.

This sentiment is entirely understandable as many are unsure if Biden will be able to serve through the entirety of his first term. Come 2024, Biden may truly be in no shape to be president, and that is assuming he even lives that long.

2024 could be historic

There is a good chance Harris will find herself as the first woman president in the next four years. Even if Biden doesn’t step down or pass away in office, Harris will likely be the Democratic candidate in 2024.

Online betting site US-Bookies has Harris as the frontrunner at 22.2%, ahead of Biden at 18.2%, Breitbart reported.

According to a spokesperson from US-Bookies, the site is expecting 2024 to be historic. “While it’s fairly early in the campaign trail, the current 2024 presidential odds suggest a historic election may be on the horizon,” the spokesperson said. “With the Democratic favorite and the Republican second favorite both being women, there’s a decent chance that America will see its first presidential election featuring two female candidates.”

It is entirely possible that both parties will field a woman candidate for president, as former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley is trailing former President Donald Trump by a slim margin for the Republican nominee in 2024.

Obviously, being this far out, a lot can change. Biden has stated that he will run for reelection when the time comes, and Haley said she would bow out of the race if Trump decides to run again.

Trump’s successor vs. Harris

The biggest factors that can change here both revolve around Biden and Trump. More likely than not, Biden will not be able to run, and Trump may not want to run.

The 2024 presidential election will likely be between a Trump-approved successor and Vice President Harris.

Despite Biden’s promises that he will run in 2024, he may not have that choice as he is 78-years-old and already experiencing cognitive decline that has kept him away from the public.

Harris has always been Biden’s successor, and there is little question of that. The greater question is how Harris will perform on her own in the 2024 presidential election. Her ugly performance as vice president isn’t doing her any favors.

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