Big money donor, GOP challengers target Ocasio-Cortez

There’s a downside to being the face of progressive politics. Well-funded opponents are already gearing up to challenge Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY).

According to the New York Post, AOC has already inspired several Republican challengers, who have been joined by an anonymous multi-millionaire donor.

“There’s definitely national energy and money on this race,” said Bronx Republican chairman Mike Rendino. He told the Post that the mystery donor is “worth over $200 million, plus connections to raise money in Manhattan.”

Tough to Unseat

Knocking AOC out of office is going to be a tough task for any Republican. This has nothing to do with AOC herself and everything to do with a district that is solid blue. As House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stated, even a “glass of water” with a “D” next to its name could win her district.

This, however, has not stopped several Republicans from stepping up to the plate, with more sure to follow. If there was ever a time this district could go red, this may be it.

Alternative Strategy

Republicans are excited for the opportunity to turn AOC’s district red. She did not exactly make fans with her Amazon move and her inaccessibility has irked a number of her constituents.

One of the first people to challenge AOC was journalist Ruth Papazian, who will be running on the GOP ticket. “People need jobs. We don’t have economic diversity in the outer boroughs. The Green New Deal is a job-killer,” Papazian said.

The Republican hopeful further said that AOC has put her own agenda ahead of the needs of the very voters that put her into office.

With AOC’s approval rating tanking right now, it may even be worth exploring backing a more moderate Dem just to run up against her in the primary.

This would enable Republicans to stick to the issues and avoid throwing mud while her primary opponent rips her to shreds.

This would present New York conservatives with two chances to go after AOC.

However they decide to go about it, though, it looks like AOC has a good chance of becoming a one-hit wonder.

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