Ocasio-Cortez suggests Hunter Biden's drug abuse history should shield him from 'atrocious' and 'horrifying' GOP investigations

February 8, 2023
Ben Marquis

With Republicans now in charge of the House, the Oversight and Accountability Committee is set to launch multiple investigations into President Joe Biden and his administration, including allegations and evidence that the president has corruptly benefitted from his son Hunter's dubious foreign business dealings, some of which has been found on his abandoned laptop.

According to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), however, the House GOP is "weaponizing" the committee in a "horrifying" manner to go after a "private citizen" who has a history of "struggling with substance misuse," Breitbart reported.

In other words, in the view of the far-left progressive New York congresswoman, the president's son and the voluminous evidence of influence-peddling on his father's name to enrich himself and the Biden family should be off-limits due to his documented and admitted troubles with illicit drug abuse and addiction.

Never mind the fact that committee Republicans have made it exceedingly clear that they really don't care about Hunter himself or his history of drug use, but rather are focused on finding evidence of corruption involving his career politician father.

Drug abuse as an excuse

It was in a Bloomberg News article about the risk of "political blowback" House Republicans could receive over the Hunter Biden probe that Ocasio-Cortez mounted her odd defense of the president's troubled son.

According to the outlet, the congresswoman believes that "Republicans are 'weaponizing' a congressional committee to attack a private citizen, in its focus on Hunter Biden."

Ocasio-Cortez herself was quoted as saying, "And I think it’s especially atrocious given that this was a person who has been open about struggling with substance misuse and it’s just a horrifying thing to do."

Breitbart noted that this particular track pursued by the congresswoman -- that Hunter Biden's history of illicit drug addiction should shield him from Republican inquiry -- is remarkably similar to what was outlined in an Oct. 2022 Wall Street Journal article about the ongoing Justice Department probe of Hunter Biden over alleged tax and gun crimes.

That article pointed out how Biden's defense attorneys were laying the groundwork to try to use that documented drug abuse as a "scapegoat" upon which to pin the blame for his alleged crimes -- as if his being high on crack cocaine had anything whatsoever to do with his alleged failure to report the income gained from foreign business deals or his failure to register as a foreign agent working on behalf of foreign countries and individuals.

Ocasio-Cortez now a soldier in Biden's "Praetorian guard"

Interestingly enough, Politico reported earlier this month that Ocasio-Cortez, who was appointed to be the number two-ranked Democrat on the Oversight Committee, was specifically selected to serve as a sort of "Praetorian guard" for President Biden and his family against the Republican-led investigations.

Per the outlet, the "sharp-tongued progressive" has been "tasked with parrying and blunting the political pain Republicans hope to inflict on the president," and White House aides were said to have "privately expressed enthusiasm over AOC’s appointment, believing she can provide deft defense to inquiries into Covid-19 relief dollars and Hunter Biden’s 'laptop from hell.'"

Those White House aides were further reported to be particularly excited about the congresswoman's "debate skills and huge social media following" becoming a beneficial asset to the administration and will also prove useful in helping the White House "defuse the pressure from the ongoing investigation into Biden’s possession of classified documents."

An aide to former President Barack Obama, former principal deputy press secretary Eric Schultz, told Politico that Obama's allies in Congress had "played a critical role" in helping to defend against and undermine GOP-led investigations into the Obama administration, including for massive scandals like the Benghazi terror attack, the Fast and Furious gun-running operation, and the taxpayer funds wasted on green energy startups like Solyndra.

"They are the first lines of defense," Schultz said. "Having someone like AOC in the catbird seat has huge value. She’s obviously a brilliant communicator and any time you have someone with her talent in your corner, it’s meaningful."

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