Ocasio-Cortez caught lying about her role in bringing generic HIV drug to market: Report

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) never misses an opportunity to take a jab at President Donald Trump, as well as pat herself on the back — even if it means telling a bald-faced lie.

After Trump called out the “Do-Nothing Democrats,” Ocasio-Cortez fired back a tweet telling him everything she has personally done while he is busy being impeached. The only problem is, she was caught taking credit for a policy change that was actually decided on years before her election, the Washington Free Beacon reports.

Trump’s progress

Before getting into the actual details of AOC’s tweet, it is worth noting that much of the legislation Democrats have put forth this year has been essentially useless. Many of the bills that were forwarded to the Senate were partisan legislation pieces that had zero input from House Republicans.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) knew this legislation would not make it past the House, yet she continued to push it through to make it appear as though the House is actually accomplishing something but is being blocked by Republicans.

As for AOC, she’s busy taking credit for things she didn’t do — and looking completely past the work the Trump administration has done, especially on the HIV front. She tweeted last month:

Caught red-handed

But as noted, Trump has done his part when it comes to Big Pharma. In fact, PrEP4All, a group devoted to preventing the spread of HIV, said the Trump administration had recently taken a “critical step to provide access to effective HIV prevention to everyone who needs it.”

Meanwhile, AOC claims to have taken on Big Pharma all on her own. Mind you, taking on the pharmaceutical industry was a major issue for Trump when he was running, and remains one today.

As far as Ocasio-Cortez is concerned, though, she was the one that was responsible for getting a generic version of PrEP to the market.

Her claim that she brought PrEP to the market a year early was exposed as false by the Washington Free Beacon, which noted that: “In fact, Gilead, the pharmaceutical company behind PrEP –a medication that can reduce the transmission risk of HIV by 99[%] — had reached an agreement back in 2014 to allow a generic version of the drug to come to market a year early.”

This is a prep drug that has been found to prevent HIV from spreading in 99% of cases. You probably know this drug by the name Truvada, which has been featured in TV commercials.

The fact of the matter, though, is that there was a lawsuit back in 2014 where the company agreed to allow a generic form of the drug to come to market a full year before they were technically forced to do so.

In other words, Ocasio-Cortez had nothing at all to do with a generic PrEP for HIV hitting the shelves next year. Meanwhile, Donald Trump announced on Tuesday that the administration is rolling out a new program that will guarantee HIV prevention drugs are provided to any uninsured patients that need them. How’s that for keeping up, Ms. Ocasio-Cortez?

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