Republican challenger to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez announces 2020 campaign

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (R-NY) is only three months into her first term and she is already facing competition.

Ruth Papazian, a Bronx conservative and magazine writer, has announced she will be running against AOC as a Republican in 2020.

Unhappy Urbanites

Papazian is like many New Yorkers who feel that AOC is pushing her own agenda rather than the agenda of her constituents.

That fact became very clear when AOC went up against Amazon and sent the e-commerce giant — and the thousands of jobs it would have brought — packing.

“What about all those construction jobs that went bye-bye?” Papazian asked. “[AOC] wants to defund ICE, open the borders to all comers, and unionized Americans now need to compete with illegal aliens for construction jobs.”

Up Against It

Papazian knows this is not going to be an easy fight to win. Liberals far outnumber conservatives in her district.

However, Papazian believes there’s still a considerable number of Reagan-era, moderate Democrats she can reach.

Those individuals will be the key to her victory.

Thus far, public opinion for Papazian has been positive.

In fact, there were people interviewed on the street who said they would be voting against AOC regardless of whom her opponent was because they are unhappy with what she has done so far.

Still, Democrats will no doubt get the machine working for AOC if they think there is any chance that Papazian could mount a threatening campaign. It would look really bad for them if their star freshman lost her seat after just one term.

Will we soon be saying goodbye to AOC?

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