Observers notice something embarrassing about where the First Lady was seated the king's coronation

May 8, 2023
Robert Ayers

Observers are pointing out that First Lady Jill Biden was seated "in the last row" at the recently held coronation ceremony of Kind Charles III, Radar Online reports

The outlet cites three observers.

The first one says, "Jill Biden is in the last row!" The second says, "Jill Biden in the back row. Love it! Stupid move by Joe snubbing the king, supporting the Markles, and encouraging their treacherous actions."

And, the third observer says, "Jill Biden seated at the back by the toilets. Maybe they'd still planned for Joe to be there?" while a fourth stated, "Bit rude seating Jill Biden so far back isn't it?"


President Joe Biden decided not to attend the king's coronation ceremony that took place on Saturday.

Instead, he sent First Lady Jill Biden and one of his granddaughters - Finnegan Biden - in his place.

What has not been made clear by Biden or his administration is why it is that Biden chose to stay home.

In April, when asked about the situation, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said:

The president had about a 25-minute, 30-minute call with the King Charles III, during which he congratulated the King — I think we put that out last night — to his upcoming coronation, and they have a very friendly conversation. They have a good relationship with the King. He talked about how he enjoyed meeting — visiting — the Queen, I should say, back in 2021 — he and the first lady, at Windsor. And he hoped to visit again soon.

When asked whether Biden's absence ought to be considered a "snub," Jean-Pierre responded, "No, they should not see it as a snub. Not at all. Again, the president has a good relationship with the King. They had a friendly conversation, and I will leave it at that. It is not a snub."

So, why did he stay home?

Jean-Pierre, as you can see, didn't really explain why it is that Biden decided to stay home.

Left-leaning outlets, over the weekend, circled the wagons around Biden, emphasizing, for example, "No American president has ever attended a British coronation" - as CBS News reported.

Whatever the case may be, Biden is facing a lot of criticism over the decision.

On Saturday, Former President Donald Trump, for example, wrote:

Joe Biden should have been at the Coronation of King Charles III. Is that really so much to ask? The people of the U.K. are greatly insulted. No wonder we are losing support all over the World. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!

Could it be possible that the First Lady was placed "by the toilets" as a result of Biden's decision to stay home? We may never know. But, it doesn't seem outside the realm of possibility.

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