Obamacare may end up in hands of Justices Roberts and Kavanaugh

Obamacare is on its last legs and Democrats are very worried about the only people that can resuscitate it.

Since a Texas judge shockingly ruled that the Affordable Care Act was unconstitutional on Friday, Obamacare could be headed to the Supreme Court next. Once there, the outcome would likely depend on how Supreme Court Justices John Roberts and Trump-appointee Brett Kavanaugh vote.

Dying Days

When Obamacare was passed, we were promised more affordable insurance and tax breaks to boot.

What we got were higher deductibles, higher premiums, and less coverage.

For those that could not afford the higher premiums, they were treated to massive penalties come tax time.

Families literally had to choose between putting food on the table or paying for insurance to avoid the penalty.

Donald Trump made it a platform issue and it was one of the most widely supported measures both in the party and among voters that supported Trump.

The Future of Health Care

There are few people who would disagree that health care in America is broken.

But instead of fixing the problem, Obama made it worse for middle-class families that bore the brunt of Obamacare’s increased premiums.

If Congress wants to address health care, they need to do it in a way that doesn’t fly in the face of free-market imperatives.

They need to protect the middle class, not just the indigent.

They need to make sure that doctors and hospitals have an incentive to treat patients as people, not numbers.

And above all, they need to avoid the pitfalls of socialist meatgrinders like Britain’s National Health Service, which makes patients wait months on end just to see a doctor

Our representatives have a great opportunity to actually deliver REAL affordable health care to the American people.

Democrats have an opportunity to help create true bipartisan legislation that benefits all Americans, not just one segment of the population, as Obamacare did.

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That is the challenge.

The only question is if our representatives will meet it or not.

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