‘Taking a stand’: Obama weighs in on MLB’s choice to move All-Star Game out of Georgia

The voting integrity law recently passed by Georgia Republicans has sparked a new and amplified wave of “woke” corporate outrage, with some of America’s largest and most powerful organizations making unprecedented moves to condemn the law.

Now, it’s not only President Joe Biden who has applauded Major League Baseball’s decision to pull the economically lucrative and highly anticipated All-Star Game out of the state in protest of the new law. According to Breitbart, Biden’s former boss, Barack Obama, recently joined in on celebrating the corporate, knee-jerk reaction. 

What did Obama say?

Democratic operatives from within the ranks of the mainstream media to the halls of Congress and even the White House have worked overtime over the last week spreading a narrative that the Georgia law is a form of “voter suppression.” Of course, that narrative has already been repeatedly shot down by the truth.

But for Democrats, the truth never got in the way of a good controversy, and former President Barack Obama is the latest heavy-hitter on the left to applaud MLB for ripping the All-Star Game out of the state of Georgia in what many believe was the ultimate “woke” judo move.

Obama’s congratulatory message came on the heels of similar messages from politicians to Hollywood elitists, who all joined in on punishing the state for passing laws that not only ensure a greater level of election integrity going forward, but also expand access to voting for Georgia’s residents — a fact conveniently left out of Dems’ talking points.

Upon making the announcement, MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred said in a statement that he felt like pulling the popular game out of Atlanta, the state’s capital, was the “best way to demonstrate our values as a sport,” Breitbart reported.

Not so fast, Democrats

While it’s easy for “woke” Democrats and the corporations who back them to exploit the hype behind such unprecedented moves, the relocation of this year’s All-Star Game was not only made without real cause, but it’ll also likely have a devastating impact on the state’s tourism revenue, as Fox News reported.

Many Atlanta-based, minority-owned businesses along with hundreds of vendors and concession workers in Cobb County, Georgia will not have their one and only chance this year to recuperate from losses sustained after the COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc on professional sports over the past year.

Failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams (D) applauded MLB’s decision; however, she did it with reservations, acknowledging that it’s going to sting economically the very people of color who Democrats think they’re fighting for by backing the league’s protest, as Newsweek noted.

According to Fox News, other high-profile Georgia politicians, like Sen. Jon Ossoff (D-GA), similarly expressed their disappointment in MLB’s move, suggesting that instead of relocating the game and hurting Georgia residents, companies should instead focus on hurting the Georgia Republican Party’s chances of raising funds for next year’s election.

Hopefully, this “woke” corporate faux outrage train will stop before more momentum builds and more asinine decisions are made — but in this day and age, it seems as if this could be the new norm.

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