Obama was weak on border security – now, opioid overdoses are deadlier than car crashes

Barack Obama failed to secure the border during his eight years as president. Now, as the opioid crisis spirals out of control, fed by illegally trafficked drugs, his weak border policies look worse and worse.

Deaths from opioid overdoses, driven by an increase in illicit fentanyl, have now outpaced deaths from vehicle crashes for the first time, according to the National Safety Council’s latest research on preventable deaths.

Overdoses are now the fifth most likely cause of death, behind heart disease, cancer, chronic lower respiratory disease, and suicide.

Fentanyl, a synthetic opioid, is particularly dangerous because it’s so potent — 50 times more powerful than heroin — and is often mixed into heroin and cocaine, sometimes without the user’s knowledge.

Fentanyl is largely smuggled into the U.S. from Mexico and China — and has to be fought on both fronts.

Decades-Old Problem

The lack of security along our southern border is not a new issue.

In fact, this was a major focus during the presidency of Bill Clinton.

While we do have some walls, some fenced section, and border patrol, this county has simply never dedicated the proper resources to really secure the border.

A young Barack Obama once gave a speech about the importance of strong borders.

He cited human trafficking, drug trafficking, and the dangers for unaccompanied children as reasons why better border security was needed.

However, once in office, he did nothing about it.

In fact, Obama created DACA which rewarded those that came into this country illegally.

Then, during the 2016 presidential campaign season, he stood on the dais, much like every other Democrat, saying it was un-American not to welcome whoever wanted to come into the country.

If you didn’t agree, you were a racist, just like the Republican nominee, Donald Trump.

Dems Have No Solutions

Now, here we are in 2019 with a president that has been blocked in every way from creating more border security.

The Democrats, who call the proposed border wall “immoral,” don’t seem to care that a large contributor to the opioid crisis in this country is the flow of drugs from the south.

They aren’t proposing any meaningful solutions to the horrifying fact that Americans are now more likely to die from an opioid overdose (1:96) than they are a motor vehicle accident (1:103).

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Trump Takes Action

In December, Trump got China’s president to agree to crack down on Chinese fentanyl manufacturers, a much-needed move.

Now, if he can build a border wall and fund increased security at border crossings, it should significantly hamper the drug traffic from Mexico as well.

We’ve got to do something. Too many Americans are dying.

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