Michelle Obama makes voter registration appeal with under 100 days to go until election

In their desire to see President Donald Trump ousted from office, former President Barack Obama and — presumably — his wife Michelle have placed themselves squarely in Joe Biden’s camp.

Indeed, this weekend, Mrs. Obama made a personal video appeal through liberal-affiliated PAC known as “When We All Vote” as a means to increase voter registration in advance of the November election, as BET reported.

100 days to go

There are new fewer than 100 days left before 2020 presidential election, and Democrats know they need impressive turnout if they are going to defeat President Trump.

Liberals may indeed have the numbers to win if their voting base actually shows up, but the problem is that few seem to be terribly excited about the Democratic Party’s candidate.

President and Mrs. Obama remain extremely popular though, so it is no surprise to see both of them jumping in to help boost voter registration among those likely to vote for Democrats.

While Barack Obama has pitched in by participating in online events with Biden, his wife offered a message to prospective voters in which she urged broader participation in the electoral process.

Everyone BUT Joe

To many of the potential voters Mrs. Obama is hoping to reach, it likely feels as though they are receiving messages from everyone except Biden himself.

While he still makes the occasional appearance here and there, the events are always heavily stage-managed and held on friendly territory where he is never pressed to answer questions.

For now, Biden’s strategy appears to be working, if recent polling is to be believed.

That could change significantly, however, considering that the president is back in front of the cameras regularly for COVID-19 briefings in which he is striking a serious and compassionate tone, and with presidential debates on the horizon, Biden will have no choice but to face the music and go toe-to-toe with the commander in chief.

If Biden continues to commit the sorts of gaffes and miscues for which he is widely known, any voter enthusiasm he now enjoys will almost certainly decline, putting President Trump in the driver’s seat in the run-up to Election Day.

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