Obama: Trump’s use of ‘anti-Asian’ nicknames for COVID-19 ‘pisses me off’

President Donald Trump has made no secret of the fact that he holds Beijing responsible for the coronavirus pandemic, and he has thus referred to COVID-19 as the “China virus,” “Kung flu,” and similar permutations.

Democrats and the media have decried such phrases as racially insensitive, and former President Barack Obama has now joined the chorus by saying Trump’s continued usage of “anti-Asian” terms “still shocks and pisses [him] off,” The Daily Caller reported.

Obama slams Trump

The former president reportedly took his shots at Trump’s coronavirus phraseology during a private virtual fundraiser on behalf of presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

According to The New York Times, Obama was reported to have said to donors, “I don’t want a country in which the president of the United States is actively trying to promote anti-Asian sentiment and thinks it’s funny.”

“I don’t want that. That still shocks and pisses me off,” Obama was said to have added.

Americans want accountability

The Daily Caller noted that President Trump and the White House have repeatedly defended his use of such phrases as being a shorthand way of assigning blame to the communist Chinese regime for the coronavirus, particularly in light of the absurd conspiracy theories Beijing has floated in an effort to escape accountability for the virus and the devastation it has wrought.

As it turns out, though Obama and mainstream journalists may be offended by Trump’s use of phrases like “China virus” or even “Kung flu,” a majority of the American people are not. In fact, they support the use of such phrases as a means to attribute responsibility where it belongs.

A Harris poll on all things coronavirus that was conducted between April 3 and April 5 asked respondents how they felt about the president using terms like “the Chinese virus.”

The survey found that 52% of participants said they either “somewhat” or “strongly” agreed with the phrase, compared to 48% who somewhat or strongly disagreed.

Likewise, 58% of respondents blamed the Chinese government for the pandemic, 72% believed China provided false or inaccurate information about the virus, 77% held the regime responsible for the spread of the virus, 54% favored forcing China to pay other countries for the damage caused by the virus, and a combined majority of 80% thought either President Trump or Congress should impose economic sanctions against the regime for underreporting cases and deaths from the virus.

Strong support on trade

Furthermore, several other questions in the Harris poll also revealed that President Trump has majority support (69%) from the American people for his tough trade policies against the communist regime, including 71% who believe U.S. manufacturing should be brought back home from China, and 73% who are in favor of increased tariffs on Chinese goods.

In other words, most Americans believe China is responsible for the coronavirus, believe the communist regime needs to be held accountable, and have no problem with the phrases President Trump uses to put that message out to the public — regardless of how “shocked” or “pissed off” Obama may feel about it.

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