Obama thinks if Dems tell their ‘story’ they’ll be able to win November midterms

As November nears, Democrats and their media allies are becoming increasingly concerned about the state of the party after what will likely be a midterm bloodbath for Democratic candidates, thanks largely in part to President Joe Biden’s failed experiment in the White House.

The Biden administration is so desperate for a quick positive PR boost that it invited former President Barack Obama to the White House this week. The visit was a disaster for a number of reasons, but when asked by reporters his thoughts on the Democrats’ likely problematic midterms, Obama insisted that Dems should simply tell their “story” to win. 

Obama’s advice was clearly a generic response to satisfy reporters in a hurry because, in reality, Democrats absolutely do not have one single positive “story” to share, let alone anything strong enough to convince voters that the party isn’t in smoldering ruins at the current time.

“We got a story to tell, just got to tell it,” Obama said, as he quickly exited the room after a press conference with President Biden.

Dems in deep trouble

The party in power historically already has a tough time convincing voters in a midterm cycle to stay on board, and that’s when things are running relatively smoothly.

One can imagine how strongly that dynamic will shift to the Democratic Party’s detriment as its leader, Biden, is forced to shoulder the blame for crippling inflation, record-setting energy prices, a massive illegal immigration problem, and several major foreign policy debacles.

To say November will be bad for Democrats is truly a gross understatement. It’ll likely be a midterm cycle that’s studied for decades and centuries to come.

“Forty-six percent of registered voters questioned in an NBC News national poll said they preferred a GOP-controlled Congress, compared to 44% who said they wanted Democrats to retain control,” Fox News noted.

Delusional Biden

As the U.S. president’s cognitive abilities decline in front of our very eyes, on a day-to-day basis, it’s easy to determine at this point that the Democratic Party likely has a strong case of buyer’s remorse.

Numerous polls show Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are underwater and polling worse each day.

Bringing Obama back only turned into viral videos of a desperate Biden seeking attention from his former boss as the media and others swarmed him, only to leave Biden confused and alone in the room.

Democrats simply need to face reality at this point.

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