McCain says Obama called to thank him for stopping ObamaCare repeal in Senate

McCain continues to reveal just how treacherous he has been in the Senate in his new book, “The Restless Wave.”

Yet another move McCain made against conservatives is revealed in the book when McCain brags about how he voted against the repeal of Obamacare and Obama personally called him to thank him.


Rather that calling his book “The Restless Wave,” McCain should have made it a how to guide on how to be a RINO.

While the GOP had regularly made moves to repeal Obama’s unconstitutional Obamacare, McCain did not exactly toe the company line.

McCain warmly tells the story of how he voted against the repeal and how his buddy Obama called him after he cast his vote.

“Among the people who called to thank me was President Obama,” McCain wrote.

“He added that he was counting on me to be an outspoken and independent voice for the causes I believed in as I had been during his presidency. I thanked him, and said I would try to be,” McCain further stated.

Swimming Upstream

Somehow, McCain became the GOP nominee when Obama ran for his first term.

He never garnered the support of hardcore conservatives, mostly because of his tendency to walk the line.

McCain came from a state overrun with undocumented immigrants, yet he did not have a hardline immigration stance.

Had he been elected, our current situation might be far worse than it is today.

McCain has rarely supported Trump during this presidency.

And, after reading some passages from his book, it seems like the times he actually did vote in favor of something Trump supported, it made him sick to do so.

Along with people like Jeff Flake, Senator McCain has set conservatives back significantly.

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We can only imagine how much further along this administration would actually be had it not been for McCain using what amounted to be a swing vote to strike down legislation.

His resistance will not be missed when he finally gives up his seat to focus on his health.

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