Michelle Obama targeting black female voters

Michelle Obama’s racism has never been more apparent than during this election season.

In a new “message” to voters, Michelle Obama stated: “Women of color know how to get things done for our families, our community, and our country.”

Sometimes It’s What You Don’t Say

Michelle Obama is pushing a very divisive message here.

Rather than saying that women can be great leaders, she specifically calls out women of color.

White women may — and should — take that as an insult.

Are white women unable to “get things done”?

Do people not follow women unless they are women of color?

Divisive Message Camouflaged in Unity

On the surface, Michelle Obama’s message is being touted to create unity.

But what it is really doing is evoking emotions of anger and resentment.

We expect more from our former first ladies.

One part of her message that is clearly meant to enrage people is when she says you can see what happens when women of color do not get out and vote.

The result of which (apparently) was Donald Trump winning the election.

It makes Trump’s presidency sound as though it was some horrific event that is ruining this country.

We would have to ask Michelle why minority unemployment has gone down while Trump is in office, something that did not happen when her husband was in office.

We could also ask her what her husband did to stop violence and crime in minority-dominated neighborhoods across the country.

It is just more stomping and screaming from a party that lost and has no idea how to accept it.

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In the process, though, we have a former first lady pouring gasoline on racial unrest that is already threatening to rip this country apart.

But that’s exactly what she wants.

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