Michelle Obama admits she suffers from ‘imposter syndrome’

While out promoting her new book, Becoming, former First Lady Michelle Obama made a startling admission.

Obama admitted that she suffers from a psychological phenomenon known as “imposter syndrome.”

Never Expected That

Obama’s admission caught just about everyone off guard.

She has spent the last decade lecturing Americans on how they should be living their lives — and now, she has openly admitted that she does not really believe in herself.

During her appearance at Southbank Centre, Michelle Obama stated: “I still have a little imposter syndrome, it never goes away, that you’re actually listening to me.”

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Mrs. Obama went on to insult industry and world leaders in her talk.

Obama said that she sat down at tables with these people, and they were just “not that smart.”

It was just one of several confusing messages that Obama has been sending out lately.

On the surface, she is trying to unify the people of this country.

But her messages are often cryptic and incendiary when you really look at them.

There is a definite message of divide hidden among her words of unity.

It would seem Michelle Obama is an “imposter” in more ways than one!

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