Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen launch podcast on national unity

Former President Barack Obama is, at least among most conservatives and even some moderates, one of the most partisan and divisive leaders this nation has ever known.

Nevertheless, Obama is teaming up with left-wing rock icon Bruce Springsteen for a podcast series that, among a variety of topics, would discuss how to unify the currently divided states of America, The Daily Wire reported.

It will likely be quite a stretch for anyone but the most devoted liberal to take seriously talk of “unity” from either Obama or Springsteen, a longtime supporter of the Democratic Party who has verbally attacked and insulted Republican presidents and members of Congress, as well as their supporters, since the era of former President Ronald Reagan.

Obama and Springsteen podcast announced

The new podcast was announced Monday by the streaming service Spotify, which has a lucrative content production deal worked out with the former president and first lady, Barack and Michelle Obama.

The announcement coincided with the release of the first two episodes of an eight-episode series that will feature Obama and Springsteen having conversations about such things as “race, fatherhood, marriage, and the future of America.”

“The longtime friends discuss their hometowns and role models, explore modern manhood, and confront the painfully divided state of the country today — and offer a vision of how we can all move forward together,” the Spotify description reads.

There’s little question that Obama and Springsteen’s “vision” of how we can “move forward together,” is essentially the ideological right fully submitting itself to the dictates of the ideological left, with anything less being unacceptable.

Two divisive figures

This isn’t Springsteen’s first foray into the realm of pretending he is a unifying figure for the country, as evidenced by his Jeep ad that aired during the Super Bowl and was pulled days later after it was revealed the singer had been charged with driving under the influence.

The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway dissected what was so fundamentally wrong and unconvincing about Springsteen’s ad, from his laughable role-playing as a “moderate” Middle American in cowboy hats and boots to his subversive mockery and exploitation of a small Christian church.

Primarily, though, it was the message of unity and coming together as Americans — a laudable message worthy of consideration — delivered by arguably one of the worst messengers.

Hemingway provided several examples of Springsteen’s anti-Republican commentary, from President Reagan to President George W. Bush to, of course, Donald Trump, and noted how for decades the singer has been an outspokenly critical political opponent of the right and staunch advocate of the left.

As for Obama, anyone who paid any attention, particularly during his second term in office, knows that unifying with the right is listed pretty low on his agenda.

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