Obama slams Trump – ‘Nobody in my administration got indicted’

Barack Obama is out on the campaign trail and he is wasting no time in attacking President Donald Trump and his administration.

Friday, while making an appearance at a campaign event in Milwaukee, Obama took a jab at Trump, stating, “Nobody in my administration got indicted.”

The Jabs

Obama was hitting Trump hard.

The former president called out Trump for not kicking the corruption out of Washington.

At one point, he hinted there is so much corruption in the Trump administration they could “field a football team.”

He also stated the email investigation was really of no importance to them and was nothing more than grandstanding.

Obama even referenced a denied report by the president about his personal cell phone.

Really Now…

Obama’s comments made for a couple of laughs, but the fact is there is only one reason why nobody in his administration was ever indicted.

As we know now, the administration was manipulating the Justice Department to suit its own purposes.

Obama did everything in his power to protect Hillary, someone that should have been indicted several times.

Between Benghazi and the email fiasco, Hillary should have spent her golden years in a federal prison wearing an orange jumpsuit.

There were several other members of his administration that have also come under considerable scrutiny, but nothing ever happened to them.

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Two names that immediately come to mind are Joe Biden and John Kerry.

Had Obama not had such a grip on the Justice Department, there is little doubt the courtrooms would have been busy for years with high-ranking Democrats in the defendant’s chair.

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