Obama shows up to COP26 climate change conference, immediately bashes Trump

Astonishingly, even after Democrats were widely panned for hanging on to the “everything is Donald Trump’s fault” narrative, which cost them dearly last Tuesday on election night, one of the highest-profile Dems in the party couldn’t resist going back to the well at an international climate change conference.

According to the Washington Examiner, it was former President Barack Obama who used his limited time on the world stage at the COP26 climate change conference, held in Glasgow this week, to bash former President Donald Trump.

Obama held nothing back as he suggested that “international cooperation” on climate change and other issues “atrophied” while Trump held the White House.

“I recognize that we’re living in a moment when international cooperation has atrophied — in part because of the pandemic, in part because of the rise of nationalism and tribal impulses around the world, in part because of a lack of leadership on America’s part for four years on a host of multilateral issues,” Obama said.

Obama, climate warrior?

Apparently, Obama’s appearance at COP26 was a big deal, and some have suggested that the Biden administration is possibly taking queues from the former president as he negotiated and spoke with a number of foreign leaders on the best way to combat their perceived dangers of climate change.

The 44th president was especially energized by the youth movement of hundreds of thousands around the world who have marched in protest to bring awareness to the topic.

“I want you to stay angry. I want you to stay frustrated,” Obama said, as Axios reported. “Keep pushing harder and harder for more and more, because that’s what’s required to meet this challenge.”

The U.S. State Department reportedly invited Obama to attend a meeting of the High Ambition Coalition, of which the U.S. is a member, to discuss “adaptation” funds for countries unable to financially brace for the predicted effects of climate change.

China and Russia

The former president also expressed his dissatisfaction over both China and Russia snubbing the annual conference.

Obama held nothing back as he called out Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin for not attending the conference, saying he felt their decision was “particularly discouraging.”

He also said America’s two top adversaries, by not showing up, expressed a “dangerous absence of urgency,” and “a willingness to maintain the status quo.”

Media outlets and observers noted that Obama’s appearance at the conference was unusual, as it’s not typically an event for former presidents. However, with President Joe Biden’s administration clearly struggling to convince the world that it’s capable of leading anything, it’s no wonder they called in the big guns.

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