Obama shares progressive reading list in Facebook post

Barack Obama has once again revealed that he’s a true progressive.

This weekend, the former president shared on Facebook a list of articles he recommends to his followers — many of which express some pretty far-left views.

Take a look:

I’ve always loved weekends because they provide me with a little extra time to make my way through the books and…

Posted by Barack Obama on Saturday, April 27, 2019

Changing His Ways

Obama posting a reading list is nothing new. He has done that on his Facebook page quite a few times over the years.

However, this most recent list is far from the norm.

In most social media posts, Obama sticks to sharing both fiction and nonfiction books that he thinks other Americans should read.

In this one, he shared a list of articles that are clearly progressive — and blatantly anti-Trump.

What happened to keeping a low profile?

Fresh Perspective

Obama put a disclaimer in his post that he does not always agree with the perspectives of the writers he recommends.

He reads articles and books from varying authors to gain a fresh perspective and better understand those that do not think like he does.

He has also stated publicly that he reads articles that criticize his administration.

This we already knew from his days in the White House; he would sometimes take jabs at dissenting websites and media outlets that were not in line with this way of thinking.

Nowadays, the former president appears to be transitioning from being a president to being a social injustice warrior. What a shame.

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