Obama says he’s from Kenya in video taped speech

The birther controversy surrounding former President Obama is about to catch fire again.

During a visit to Kogelo, Kenya, last week, Obama stated he had been the “first sitting American president to come from Kenya.” Watch the video clip of his speech below:

How It Got Started

During Obama’s first run for office in 2008, there was some question as to where he was born.

In response, his office released a short-form birth certificate showing his birthplace as Honolulu, Hawaii.

That, though, only led to more speculation about his birth.

When requests were made for the long-form from the actual hospital, nothing was ever produced.

Trump Takes Over

After Obama won the election, the conspiracy theorists did not let this one die down.

It became such a heated debate, in fact, that Donald Trump actually entered into the picture as a concerned citizen.

Trump first mentioned his concerns with Obama’s birthplace in 2011.

Soon after his name showed up in the debate, Trump offered a $5 million bounty to charity for proof Obama was born in the United States.

Not long after Trump made his announcement, the White House produced the long-form birth certificate for Obama.

However, Trump tweeted he had an “extremely credible source” that would stipulate the birth certificate was a fraud.

While some believe this is nothing more than far right-wing rhetoric, the 2016 presidential election proved this is still a hotly debated topic among Americans.

Hillary herself has on more than one occasion fueled the fires with vague comments about Obama, his birthplace, and his religion.

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She tried to put those flames out during the election, but there are ample soundbites to prove Hillary was among those that caused this rumor to run rampant.

Now, with this latest speech, Obama himself has poured gasoline back on the fire.

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