Barack and Michelle Obama ripped for ‘deplorable behavior’ in trademark dispute

“When they go low, we go high” — isn’t that what Michelle Obama said? Well, the Obamas clearly have quit on that philosophy.

Barack and Michelle Obama have decided to sue to steal a trademark away from another company — and they are now facing the backlash for what one lawyer called “deplorable behavior,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

We Go Low

The Obamas started up a film production company called Higher Ground Productions in 2016.

The problem, though, is that someone else already trademarked a similar name — and that is blocking the Obamas from securing a trademark.

Higher Ground Enterprises is a company run by Hanisya Massey, who has been in the business of helping authors publish e-books since 2008.

But since the Obamas have already moved forward using that production name for their new Netflix projects, they decided to file a complaint with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office in hopes of appealing their decision — at the expense of Massey and co.

Not How It Works

When you are filing for a trademark or copyright, one of the steps that is generally performed is to do a trademark search. This should have been done prior to the Obamas ever naming their company.

Instead, they moved forward and are now trying to strip the name from a small business owner simply because they did not do their own homework.

“Instead of simply picking another name, the Obamas’ lawyers have now filed a meritless petition to cancel my client’s trademark so they can take it for themselves,” Larry Zerner, the attorney representing the current owner of the trademark, stated. “This is really deplorable behavior.”

The irony in all of this is that the name of the company is an obvious play on Michelle Obama’s quote, but the fact is, they had already filed for a trademark and were rejected.

The former first lady says go high, yet she and her husband are willing to take the business identity away from an innocent small business owner.

The really sad thing in all of this is that the mainstream media is not even reporting on it. If this were President Donald Trump, you’d better believe it would be headline news.

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