Fox’s Dana Perino says Barack Obama is right not to defend Joe Biden

With more and more accusations of inappropriate conduct being levied against Joe Biden, everyone wants to know why Barack Obama has not come to the aid of his vice president.

But according to Dana Perino, former George W. Bush press secretary and current Fox News contributor, Obama is right to sit on the sidelines for now.

Saving His Hole Card

According to Perino, if Biden decides to run, he is going to get have to answer for these allegations when he faces off against Trump.

If Obama were to step in now, Biden would be using his best move in terms of a high-profile personality defending him. Since we don’t even know if Biden is going to run, why waste Obama now?

“I think he has only one chance to weigh in either as the kingmaker in his primary, or to step in at the last moment, if there’s a really nasty primary at the end, he only has one shot to do that,” Perino said.

She went on: “Biden has to prove that he can win this on his own. Imagine if Obama has to come out now and save him. Hundreds of more women could come and say they have similar experiences with Joe Biden. He’s been hugging people his whole life, is what he says.”

Problems Adding Up Fast

The allegations against Biden may be one of the most difficult scandals to navigate. Is this just a case of creepy behavior, or do his actions actually constitute sexual harassment?

Remember, Biden is 76 years old, and he grew up in an age of politicking when giving hugs and kisses was considered a good thing.

Having said that, there is no denying that some of the pictures we have seen would make your stomach turn.

Would I want Biden within arms reach of my daughter or spouse? Not a chance.

But, to this point, the only allegations made against Biden are that he smelled hair, kissed the back of heads, and generally made women uncomfortable.

In all likelihood, Biden may be letting this play out before he calls in the big guns to defend him, more or less supporting Perino’s view on this.

But what if the accusations actually get worse, and Biden is accused of doing something really awful?

Can Obama risk defending this man now if there is a possibility of someone coming forward with a much worse allegation?

As Perino stated, Biden is on his own — at least for now.

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