Michelle Obama reveals marriage struggles with former president

For the former first couple, everything wasn’t always sunshine and rainbows.

In a recent interview with TV personality Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama revealed that she and her husband, former President Barack Obama, had to undergo marriage therapy at one point, according to Yahoo News.

The presidency and all its ensuing pressures surely can’t be easy on a marriage.

Opening up in memoirs

The former first lady sat down with Winfrey on Feb. 8 in front of an audience of 15,000 people to discuss Obama’s bestselling memoir, Becoming.

“Marriage is hard and raising a family together is a hard thing. It takes a toll,” Obama explained.

She added: “We’re coming back to that point where we see each other again because some of the hardest times in our lives we just escaped, we survived it. We went through a tough time, we did some hard things together.”

She went on to explain how therapy helped her see problems they were going through from a new perspective.

“Sometimes you need an objective person to just hear you out,” she said. “It taught me that I was responsible for my own happiness. I didn’t marry Barack for him to make me happy. No one can make me happy.”

Life after the White House

After they left the White House, Barack and Michelle Obama signed a deal with streaming giant Netflix to produce original TV shows through their production company, Higher Ground Productions, according to Business Insider.

Being a former U.S. president certainly gives one a certain amount of clout, and the Obamas are putting it to use.

Netflix was the ideal place for the Obamas to begin a career in the film industry, and the leap of faith paid off. The couple’s production company’s first film, American Factory, just clinched an Oscar for best documentary feature.

Looks like things are going swimmingly for the two of them nowadays.

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