Michelle Obama reveals that she and Barack have had a rocky marriage

You know that perfect couple of Michelle and Barack Obama? Well, as it turns out, that relationship is not exactly as perfect as they would have us believe.

In fact, it was Michelle Obama herself who revealed that the couple has sought out counseling to fix their problems.

Not Perfect

The arrogance of Michelle Obama never ceases to amaze.

This is a woman who openly admits that she actually thought she was “perfect.”

Indeed, she even admitted that her obsession with her own perfection was at the root of her marital problems.

Rather than accept Barack Obama for who he was, Michelle wanted to go to marriage counseling to “fix” her husband.

However, that ended up being a rude awakening for her.

The marriage counselor had some rather shocking news for Michelle: she’s not actually perfect!

Fix Your Own House

A good lesson for Michelle Obama would be to take a good hard look in the mirror before handing out advice to everyone else.

This is a woman that was literally trying to tell parents how to feed their children while she was the first lady.

She has graduated from that to telling everyone how they should live their lives and what they need to believe in.

Not so shockingly, if you don’t believe in what she believes in, you are dead wrong.

That is the message she has been sending to conservatives over the last two years.

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Both she and Barack Obama have even said that conservatives are from “another world.”

Do us all a favor, Michelle, and keep your advice to yourself, because we were all doing fine before you and Obama tried to ruin this country.

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