Report: Obama pulled the strings to secure Biden nomination

Sen. Bernie Sanders (VT) finally dropped out of the Democratic primary last week — in essence, handing former Vice President Joe Biden the nomination.

Now, the Daily Wire reports that former President Barack Obama had a major hand in the event, nudging Sanders — and before him, Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) and former small-town mayor Pete Buttigieg — to clear the way for Biden. 

Manipulating the field

The Democratic primary race was wide open after the first two states voted in February, but the dynamics of the election quickly changed.

Joe Biden’s last stand before Super Tuesday was going to be South Carolina, a state where he was once heavily favored to win but one where Sanders was quickly making up ground.

When Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) endorsed Biden, it changed everything. Suddenly, Biden was in the win column, and every bit of momentum was going his way. When Super Tuesday week arrived, the field was still packed, which is when Barack Obama went to work.

Even though former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg had already won a state and was in the top three for delegates, his campaign was over and everyone knew it. Even so, prior to Super Tuesday, both he and Amy Klobuchar had some bargaining power.

Reportedly, Obama worked the phones to get both of them to endorse Biden ahead of the big day. Biden would go on to have an epic day, one that for all intents and purposes ended Sanders’ campaign.

Getting Sanders to drop

In 2016, Bernie Sanders refused to give in to then-frontrunner Hillary Clinton, taking her all the way to the convention. Sanders seemed to have similar thoughts on his mind this time around, but once again, Barack Obama intervened to help out Biden.

As the Daily Wire noted, the Chicago Tribune published a report that detailed just how much of a role Obama played in getting Sanders to drop out, endorse Biden, and try to unite the party behind the former vice president. This involved several phone calls to Sanders, and more than likely a few to Biden as well.

Even though Biden vowed not to move the party too far left, he has suddenly rewarded Sanders by putting him on some key committees related to the economy and energy that could end up lurching the party more left than it already is.

There is little doubt this happened due to suggestions made by Obama. Even though Obama had not endorsed Biden during the primary, after Sanders finally dropped out, Obama gave him his blessing with a video endorsement on social media on Tuesday.

Looks like his puppeteering has worked out — at least for now.

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